Killer Standup

There is a little boy at home and he hears his parents arguing in there room and from his dad he hears the words bitch and tits so the little boy asks the dad what they mean and so the dad lied to him and he said bitch means girl because your mom is a girl and tits mean coat because she forgot her coat when she left the house and then the little boy heres his mom say bastard and balls and he asks her what that means and she said bastard means boy because that what your dad is and balls means hat because he forgot it today when he went to work.

The next day its thanksgiving and the little boy is in the bathroom with his dad while his dad was shaving and his dad cuts himself with the blade and says shit and the little boy asks the dad what does shit mean and the dad tells him its another word for shaving so the little boy goes downstairs to find his mom in the kitchen stuffing the turkey and she drops it on the floor and says fck and the little kid asks her what fck means and she says its another word for stuffing.

So the little boy is watching tv and he hears the doorbell so he opens it up and it is his relatives coming to visit so the little boy says "hi you bastards and bitches you can hang your balls and tits in the closet. my dads upstairs shitting and my mom is in the kitchen fcking the turkey".

(Thanks Rhia)

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